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Super Prestige Cyclocross


Pre enlisting closed


We beg you not to ride or train on the Gavere cyclocross track anymore to preserve the integrity of it for the Sunday race


The Novafriends

Laatste berichten hieronder volgen; les dernières nouvelles, suivre en bas; latest news, follow below; letzte Nachrichten, unten folgen; últimas noticias, mirarlas abajo


14th of november last day of preregistration

14th of november competitors list updated

There is a very nice EXHIBITION on 35 years of cyclocross in Gavere-Asper in De Poort. You can pay a visit every morning of weekdays and all day on wednesdays, also during the weekend of the Gavere cross of 18th November (9.15 to 17 hrs on Saturday and Sunday!) It shows a unique collection of unpublished photos. Newspapers give a complete survey! Until 26th November.

A audio-visual scoop, a book on 35 years of cyclocross in Gavere-Asper is available in De Poort too. You can read and listen 'to the book' through smartphone. Interviews with English-speaking racers such as Jonathan Page, Katie Compton and Zdenek Stybar.



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